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Mobility during multiple myeloma treatment

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Hello @kandc317, I apologize for the delay in response.

I'd like to invite @lisal64, @blessing19, and @larsmayo who have all talked about mobility issues in themselves or someone they are caring for. Although the causes and location of the mobility issues from multiple myeloma may be slightly different than your wife's, they may have some similar experiences and concerns as you.

@kandc317, did you and your wife discuss the potential for decreasing or altering the chemo treatments so that she could gain strength in her legs back? Did they think this was a plausible compromise, were the treatments set to be the same regimen for the foreseeable future or are her current treatments to get the myeloma under control in the short-term?

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Sorry for the delay in responding! My MM specialist is continuing my high dose of Kyprolis IV, Pomalyst by mouth, and Dexamethasone (IV x3 weeks, by mouth 1 week). I believe this is because of my Bone lesion progression in October, 2019, after 4 rounds of RVD. My MM Specialist told me that the Dexamethasone will cause muscle weakness and muscle wasting.
I have gained weight, also due to Dexamethasone, which has not helped.
I tire very easily. I have gotten progressively weaker since starting treatment last summer. I do small tasks and rest in between. I nap nearly every day. I feel that stopping my bone damage from MM is more important right now than running a marathon. I do leg exercises, and have started beginner tai chi on You Tube. I am afraid of falling/fractures, so this exercise seems safer and gets me moving. I hope this helps.