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or maybe a book that outlines that anything that can happen TB can be mimicked by MAC -TB I mean i know they are two different type of Mycobacteria but they basically the treatment is the same and the adverse and flow thru injuries or comparable. I just need someone who sees this all the time to sugest and book. Example everyone of family friends and patient that get a dx of breast canvcer they all get a copy of Dr Loves "the breast book"} . Im looking to litigate flow thru injuries caused and side effects caused by the infection. Please dont belabor me with ideas that it is not contagious blah blah blah thats was never my point however occupational exposure does occur and if said person is not provided correct gear to do certain work such as cleaning out heating and cooling vents in a prison where birds and bats and other animals have left fecal material for years and years then that occupational no traditonally fouind in the homw or the dreaded cliche " it is ubiquitous in the environment" blah blah blah please just give me a good reference book thank you all for the help and nope my typing has not improved but my language has 🙂

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@cmcclure I don't know of such a book. Most of the information cited here is from studies and monographs published by nih or teaching and research universities or hospitals around the world. MAC is part of the family of non-tubercular mycobacteria (NTM) so perhaps you can find something through a search for it. Since the study and treatment of MAC is an ever-changing medical practice, I'm not sure any textbooks have been published. Have you sought help at a medical school library near you?
Also, this forum is primarily patient-centered, so your post may not be reaching the physicians and practitioners you seek.
@colleenyoung Can you suggest another search avenue for this information?

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