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Caregiver Burnout Warning

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@becsbuddy thanks for the encouraging word. It does seem to help me to to 'vent' some!
I'm actually not sure about the stay at home rules here. I don't like to go running around anyway and it's normal for me to not leave home but every couple of weeks. I do understand that lots of people are struggling with the restrictions and I feel for them.
When I called the dementia unit on Tuesday to inquire about Hubby they told me that he had been admitted to hospital the previous day (Monday) as a suspected Covid case. Already confirmed positive by CDC before I learned of it.
Since then his condition has kinda been up and down but thus far not in ICU. He was deathbed dehydrated when they got him but 4 bags of fluids via IV at top speed appear to have improved the dehydration. Not a good start for a Covid patient.
Health dept having difficult time establishing just when he became symptomatic. The dementia unit nurse told me that he seemed 'a little off' on Friday, when she returned to work Monday she found him very ill upon her start of shift assessment. Dunno what they told health dept but whatever they said will go. I haven't seen him since the first so may be in the clear…
I discovered hospital didn't have his Advance Directive, after never mind what runarounds had to make an extra town trip to fax it to them. 24 hours later hospital couldn't locate it….worked the phones all morning today never mind what runarounds, found a Medicaid bureaucrat in Timbuktu who called hospital to make inquiries after which they managed to locate document. Praise God for that woman – I used her like a dirty dishrag. Only later did she learn that he's not even under Medicaid. I hope the ends justify the means. That woman helped me and I shall remember her in my prayers from this day forward.
Hubby appears to be doing pretty well this evening. Fever down some on it's own, he woke up for a while today and tried unsuccessfully to communicate which is better than yesterday. They got him to drink 1/2 a cup of water.
Man proposes, God disposes. I'll find what comfort I can in that.

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@burnt2acrisp Thank you for responding and I hope you don’t think I’m being pushy. I’ve just been concerned about you. 🤗 Sounds like your husband is slowly improving, what do you think? I’ll continue to hold you in my thoughts and hope you stay well. Becky