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Thanks so much for the information

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Good for you on the self-diagnosis. We all have to be our own health advocates, but it certainly helps to have had a career in the health professions. I am on my 3rd bout of PMR. The first was 16 years ago. I am now 73. The second started up 2 years ago, the 3rd started in November 2019. In retrospect, I think the last 2 are part of the same bout and I got off prednisone too quickly. I am now on 10 mg for the past month, 5 AM and 5 PM. I see rheumatologist again this week. I am planning to start decreasing at 1/2 mg a month, but will see what the inflammation labs are. It was good finding this website. My first time 16 years ago, I didn’t know anyone who had PMR and couldn’t find much information. Even my rheumatologist at that time thought I would be off prednisone in 6-8 weeks. It took 2 years. I think we both learned more about it. I was on 1mg, then 1/2 mg for a long time. I don’t do any specific diet, but I generally try to eat healthy. I do weigh myself daily and work on preventing gain (so easy to gain on prednisone).. I feel good, go to a senior exercise class, plan to start walking outside when the ice is off the sidewalks