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After my very first surgery with endo, (lost an ovary) we got to try the normal way (tee hee) and then ended up getting pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. Sadly she passed 20hours after life, cause is unknown as I had a very normal pregnancy. She was technically term. Then we tried again and got pregnant again (obviously a chunk of time passed in there) and had a boy who was a premie by 2 days. He’s now 4 and driving me crazy. 🙂 (as he should) and then when we were thinking about a sibling for him is when I had another round of endo show up and that caused my tube to be blocked. So our only way to get pregnant was the scenic route AKA IVF. And Amidst going through that I had yet another endo surgery because a small cyst grew yet again….however, once we took care of that (3rd surgery but 2nd surgery with Dr. Khan) ta-da it took and now I have my baby boy who’s turning one on Sunday!

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I also am down one ovary! I had my first endo surgery when I was 19 but there was too much endo to remove without concern of hurting my reproductive system so instead I was put on Lupron which I was on and off of for years. I had my second endo surgery in 2016 where they removed my left ovary. Endo had spread onto some of my nerves as well so not only was I suffering from the endo pain itself but starting to feel incredibly comfortable due to the spreading onto the nerves. My most recent endo surgery was the one with Dr. Kahn. This surgery endo was removed as well as my appendix which endo had started to “invade”. Due to the number of surgeries I had it was decided to try IUI’s and when we had 4 failed IUI’s we moved to IVF. My egg count had gone down significantly, especially for my age (31) so we agreed with Dr. Kahn and began IVF. We are now expecting our first, a little boy, in July!

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