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Greetings @miracleman and welcome. Yes, it does feel like we got miracles that allowed us to take the world on for a bit longer. I've got an 11" zipper like most here.

My input here is about living the best life I can. I still take stairs, but really do best if I move around first instead of just just beginning with that type of movement. I also try to eat some veggies daily, have begun making sure to drink diluted lemon juice to make sure my stomach has the right balance and that way I digest my foods better. I did the 36 visits to the cardiac rehab gym. It was interesting to meet all those older than me who had all kinds of different conditions that led them there. I also walk from the halfway point in parking lots to the grocery entry, then while shopping I usually cover about 5,000 to 10,000 steps. I also try to be active doing things like ushering.
At Scripps they have once a month meetings on saturdays where a Cardiologist comes in and talks about new developments.

There are a few supplements I'd like to mention that really helped me. D-Ribose, a sugar used by your heart to help in stress recovery. Hawthorne, another heart helper. I mix them in water and drink them down.

You will get much input from others here and most of all you will get support on your new chapter of life.

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Thanks for your input Eileena. I like your suggestion of diluted lemon juice. I struggle with digestion also. I've been type 1 diabetic for 49 years in addition to the heart issues. My doc says my Right Coronary artery is "layers of stents" and my Left Main artery/LAD has already been bypassed twice. So, most recently my bypass graph was stented last July, then in January it had to be restented (now a double layer of stents). I've finally, sadly it's finally, turned my future over to God. I'm not in control anyway and I'm running out of surgical options. I appreciate your input and co-championing of our cause…..trying to stay alive.

Blessings to you Eileena.