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Possible Testicular Cancer

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Among all the other issues I have been having over the past few years I forgot about doing self examinations on myself. Well I finally did and found the lump. I called my primary and told him. He set up the Ultrasound and after they messed up the first one and missed the lump somehow?, I talked to the office manager and they did another one free of charge. I had them send the report and Ultrasound to my primary and my Urologist. Normally it takes about two months to get in to see my urologist, but they got me in about two weeks after getting the report and scan. He has been rated in the top 10% nationwide in his field four years running. I certainly trust his opinion and judgement. Sad to say, but Truly the only good Doctor I have ever seen. I simply messed up and did not do my self exams as I was told back in 2016 which is the last time I saw him for enlarged prostrate issues.

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@ger1986 I’m glad you’ve gotten some appointments with doctors you trust. Please let us know what the doctors say

Hello @ger1986 You has said that you were going to see the doctor in early March. What did the doctors say? Please stay well!

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