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Hi Collen. Radiation or surgery. I'm leaning towards surgery especially if I don't have to have to have the hormone shots. Active surveillance was floated as a possible option but since have two areas with a Gleason 7 score, it wasn't reocmmended

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I had two Gleason 7s out of twelve, with 5 % of the two cores showing cancer. I opted for active surveillance for about six years, with regular PSAs and biopsies every couple of years. PSA never went over 3, and the biopsies didn't change until the last one, when only one core of 5 % was cancerous. However, a second opinion from John Hopkins thought it appeared more like an 8 rather than a seven. That was enough to move me to radiation, which I completed in January, 2019, without apparent complications. So far, everything seems good – all but the sex drive. Before the anti-androgen shot, sexual function was good, but since then, sexual desire has been absent. That was in December of 2018. So, from that point of view, I may as well go into the priesthood. Maybe it's a sign from God, but my lovely wife of 55 years might object – or maybe she wouldn't. We haven't discussed that possibility. But, lately, there have been some twinges that gives us hope of resurrecting our sex lives, such as it might be at 79. I'll keep you posted, or maybe I won't. If you believe that I treat this too lightly, I believe that sex is just one small part of a relationship. Just because that small part is missing for a while, it can enrich other parts of the relationship, like hugging, empathy, sharing, yelling at each other, throwing things, slamming doors, and other things that couples in love do. So, be patient with your body. Avoid focusing on that which is uncontrollable at the moment, and concentrate on what you can control.