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Neuropathy and Brain Neuroplasticity

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Inow continuing with my habit changes, but as I cannot now sþend time in my gym , I have purchased this yellow trike bik, as pictured , manuel with 6 gears, and will start with short , arounnd the block rides, and hopefully increase distance. Norman Doidge has released a follow up book ' The Brain's way of healing', and it is absolutely brilliant, as it describes many cases. But a warning: you realĺy need to read his first book ' The Brain that changes itself', befòre reading this new book. I have had 2 surprise results in last 2 week. Previously if I had the urge to vist the toilet, it ment I had to visit asap, urgently. Now the extreme urgency has vanished. I still get the urge, but , and I know you won't believe this, but I do not not rush, and actually shout out to my bladder to relax, and it does. Being an old aussie, where most of us have skin problems, due to a lifetime of overexposure to our dangerous
sun, I have suffered from constant itching, especially during the night. In Doidge's first book, chapter 7 on pain management , by controlling my thinking patterns. So now , when I have the need to scratch, which has become a habit, I totally ignore the message, and change brain to me thinking of some previous happy memory. The first day was extremely hard, BUT, the urge too scratch has totally disappeared. SO, I am very excited, but not getting carried away. Best wishes from Australia.

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I am reading the second book, did not read the first, but it also explains his theory of developing distracting thought practices while experiencing pain. Dr. Doidge had remarkable success while testing his well-researched theories on himself so I would guess that his methods have validity and worth a try.

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