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Tobacco and heart transplant conditions.

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@sammymm2 Welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a diverse group of people here. We are not medical professionals and cannot make diagnosis but we can share what we've experienced. I Googled your question just to see what the response would be. Of course your transplant team has the final say so. What I saw was that typically a patient has to have a 6-month minimum time between cessation of smoking before transplant consideration. What prompted you to smoke in 2018 and 2019? What prompted you to stop? My husband is a kidney recipient, and had quit smoking 20+ years before his transplant. On the other hand, another patient I know struggled to show his lifestyle had changed to a healthier one, so he was taken off a wait list for a couple of years. Any transplant team will want their patients to be as healthy as possible, to handle the rigors of the surgery and rehabilitation. Be open and honest with your team, just as you expect them to be with you. Will you return and let us know what they say, please?

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Thank you for the reply, it's a very helpful reply.
I'm actually not addicted to cigarettes, but when I was told that I'm a "dyer" I tried to smoke more, but then, I was approved for the heart transplant, so I quit totally, I hope that I will go through the process, I love life.
Hope you and your husband will have the best choice of life, health, wealth:).

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