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Hi @tomo
I am sorry to hear about your situation.

I had PKD too and was treated at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I had my "bad" kidneys removed and my new living donor kidney transplanted at the same time. For housing my husband and I stayed at the Gift of Life Transplant House which is a very minimal charge for patients undergoing transplants. There are shuttles that take you to the Clinic, bloodwork etc.

I think you are smart to consult with more than just one place. Are your kidney labs pretty stable? Do you know when you'll need a transplant? Please feel free to share any details you are comfortable with. Our online community is filled with helpful people. You may want to learn more in the Transplant section of Connect.


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I want to thank you for the reply, 2 years ago my wife and I went to u of k to talk and listen about transplant, spent all day there, did abunch of talking we asked a lot of questions, they said they would draw blood and take xrays the took xrays no blood, told them that I live about 2-3 hours away, I only have Medicare, bottom line is I spent over 300 just to find out that I did not meet there standards, that I would need to come up with at least 35 thousand and then they would consider me, so when I got the phone call it just burst my bubble, they say it is a gift of life ya right, then I told my Dr. And social worker what they said. All I can do is just wait it out and see what happens