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This is crazy

Neuropathy | Last Active: Feb 15, 2020 | Replies (6)

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Yes Tom, it is indeed crazy and you're validated in thinking that. I assume you saw a Neurologist today? My experience is that you are barking up the wrong tree thinking a neuro will prescribe an opioid. Maybe a PCP if you establish a relationship with them. Truth is this really sucks! However, you can not allow it to defeat you. First off…if your Dr is not familiar with a skin biopsy then they either need to commit to figuring it out for you asap or find a better qualified provider fir you. Stay persistent and hold them accountable, as tiring as that may be. I always felt confused about all this…we are the sick ones, the ones who are disabled and need help, yet we are the only ones who need to work hard in advocating for ourselves (hopefully with a little help from friends, family and Connect). I'm humored that I lost my job due to disability yet continue to work (without pay) for my health. Full time job! Keep fighting. 💪🏼
Be well this evening.

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No I saw a pain doc. I had a great relationship with my pcp for 12 years . He then left his own practice and started working for a hospital. The guy he hired to replace him doesn't prescribe opioids. So they sent me to a pain doc and after a nerve test came back negative he started taking me off my meds. I went 3 a second one the one I saw today and hes all over the place. Thanks for sharing much appreciated