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Transplant Games: MN SD ND recipients

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Hi, @finny125. Allow me, a fellow transplant recipient, to extend a sincere welcome to you. I am familiar with the transplant Games. I have not participated, however I have read about them and I have known some recipients who have participated in the past years. As you may or may not know – The Mayo Connect online community consists of transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, and caregivers from ever state and at every stage of organ transplantation. I am not sure if everyone has heard of the games.
With that in mind, I want to ask you to share some information about the Transplant Games. What are they? Who can be involved? How do you qualify? Cost? etc.
What is your incolvement, @finney125? Will you be a participant?

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The event is held every other year. This year it is in New Jersey in July. It is held in a different city each time. Information about the games is at http://www.transplantgamesofamerica.org. Almost every state has a team (some have more than one team). Lifesource in MN is who our tri-state team is a part of. People in our tri-state area can look at our website, https://www.life-source.org/recipients/team-mn-dak/
living donors can participate in some of the activities, but for the most part, recipients participate. As long as the recipient has had their transplant prior to October 18, 2019 they can participate in these games. Each participant must have a waiver signed by their doctor that they can participate. Please have interested participants go to the transplant games of America and they can see what teams are participating.


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