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Advil and Tylenol guidance requested

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Feb 10, 2020 | Replies (13)

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Thank u so much for your input! I appreciate it

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@vklittle61 You are welcome. I am sorry I was so wordy I get that way when I am very tired. I forgot to mention one other thing I do to help with pain. This will only help if you are side sleeper .. put a pillow between your knees. It will seem awkward at first; eventually if you tend to turn from one side to other you will not even notice the pillow. I use an old standard poly stuffed pillow. I prefer the pillow go from between knees down to between my ankles. My first pillow was a travel size pillow and went just between my knees. I started using a pillow after a knee surgery.. my kneecap had gone out of place.. and the physical therapist suggested the pillow. It does help with the back and butt pain. If you sleep on your back getting rid of your head pillow and tucking a pillow under your knees will help. I used to be able to sleep on my back some and I would just flip the pillow up when sleeping on my back and then flip it down when I turned on my side and my pillow would go back between my knees. I got to where I did not even wake up during sleep doing it.

I am still very tired . sorry.