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@144000 welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We all have experiences with various diseases and conditions to varying degrees although we are not medical practioners . We have been where you are in many ways and because we got some answers we want you to as well

I was young when I began to show signs of Fibromyalgia. I have IBS .as well. They frequently occur together.

I also had a severe head injury in the early 2000's. My right side was numb for three days. I don't think I have been the same since.

I would encourage you to go to Mayo Clinic with your multiple symptoms.

If you cannot make it to one of our centers I hope that you will pursue this with a University Medical Center. They typically have the expertise to deal with multiple diagnoses.

Please let us know how you are getting along. Until you get some answers be encouraged. With many minds working together you never know when just one word connects with someone who finds a link and that link resonates and you share with your doctor and voila!

We recently had a situation where this kind of thing actually helped save someone's life. Our own @sirgalahad was extremely important when a local man ( our personal family friend) had complications and conditions that made doctors throw their hands up in despair.

They had gone everywhere to doctors. Test after test and still no answers. He ended up in ICU. After many discussions on here and private messages our friends were closing in on some answers.

Today he is getting the necessary treatment for a very rare condition. The doctors here in our town simply do not see enough of unusual or rare conditions to have that thought process of "Well could it posdibly be one of those things we studied about in medical college for all of about fifteen minutes?"

This is not to say we wear superhero capes around here. We don't. Hey I'm doing good to plow through my email in a timely manner.

But I will say this. This is a good community to be part of. We help each other.

We are better together.
Mamacita Jane

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Thank you so much. I wasnt looking for a diagnosis.. I think I was just looking for answers wondering if my doctor diagnosed me properly and the many different doctors I went to I'm just frustrated because no ones knows lol

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