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Ulcerative Colitis Questions

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What are your experiences with natural treatnents for U.C. such as—– Resistant starch, inuln, aloe vera. prebiotics & probiotics ,butyrate etc,etc,

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Hello @bosco17, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will notice we have moved your post to an existing discussion on Ulcerative Colitis Questions so that you can meet other members who have asked questions and shared their experiences. If you click the VIEW & REPLY button at the bottom of this email notification it will take you directly to the discussion.

I did find a news article that may provide some helpful information. Natural remedies for managing ulcerative colitis: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317744

@dval and @psdoolittle may have some suggestions for you. @bosco17 have you tried any of the natural treatments you mentioned yet? Have they helped?

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