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Family support for LGBT children

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As an update to my previous post about Dwayne Wade's child, Wade had an interview with Ellen Degeneres recently when he spoke about his child's journey:

Wade's child has expressed to her father that she is a trans girl, would like to be referred to with the name Zaya, and uses she/her pronouns. Since this, Wade has begun referring to his daughter as Zaya (rather than Zion, her given name) and using the correct pronouns when speaking about her.

It can be difficult for our loved ones, but it is crucial for the mental health of trans children for parents to be supportive and curious. Switching our use of pronouns from what we are used to (in this case, he/him pronouns) to what is most affirming for our trans children (she/her pronouns for Zaya) is a process which requires flexibility, maturity, humility, and an open mind.

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@ayeshasharma I agree, it was a heartfelt discussion, and very affirming. I bet there were many young trans people who wish they could have their own family be so comfortable. Zaya is to be commended, also, for feeling comfortable to be a shining poster gal for this! And let's not forget the sibling support, from her brother. What a strong family.

Hi, @ayeshasharma – I'm wondering if you have noted people who have known the trans individual for a long time and don't mean to be hurtful have trouble remembering the new name and pronouns?