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Family support for LGBT children

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I want to share this video because it's a perspective directly from a young trans man who was supported by his parents as a child. He's able to look back on his experiences and share what helped and what hurt him during his transition.

Some highlights if you don't have time to watch…
1. Research! Do some research on your child's identity (online, books, or just by talking to your kid about what they want and need)
2. Respect your child's name and pronouns (it will speak volumes!)
3. Help your child with the coming out process (but talk to them first to make sure this is something they want before doing it!)
4. More research!
5. Financial support (only if this is something you're able to do)
6. Legal and medical guidance (transitioning can be difficult and complicated. One thing you can help with is finding an trans friendly doctor for your kid)
7. Validation (believe your kid. Transitioning can be confusing, and it might seem like this identity came out of nowhere. Trust your kid and it will make them more comfortable to trust you and turn to you when they need you)

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Replies to "I want to share this video because it's a perspective directly from a young trans man..."

@ayeshasharma A great conversation starter! Thank you for starting this discussion, and posting this video. There is definitely a period of transition for family/friends/co-workers just like the young man stated. I hope to see posts here from others. Support on a journey is so important!

@ayeshasharma – This was very enlightening. He is very articulate and engaging as a speaker.