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Mako Robotic Arm TKR Two Months

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@saeternes I am jealous of all of the people who get some type of massage at PT. I have never had that!
After looking at responses from you, @ellerbracke @clbs and @artscaping I am beginning to think that maybe I just had lower expectations than many others, or higher tolerance! I have become more conscious of my knees but honestly, the second one really does not give me any discomfort except when I really overdo. The right one, done either in 2012 or 2013 hurts more easily.

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Since this thread is about to close – yes, I would have loved any kind of massage, lymphatic or otherwise, from my PT people. No go. But I had absolute support, yes. Regarding elevating/icing/rest….. did not do nearly enough, I think. At 2 months basically none, unless in real pain. Icing, that is. Elevating, nope. As far as expectations: yes, I did hope for a 90% normal knee feeling (other than the darn impossibility of using it to kneel on), but it looks like I have to settle for a 65% normal feeling. Again, not necessarily painful, not necessarily aching, somewhere in between, depending on what I do, what the weather does, but definitely less than 80% satisfactory compared to my own knee. Do I live with it? Yes, quite successfully. Does it limit my activities? Yes, to a certain extent. Do I regret not knowing about or trying alternatives like stem cells – absolutely.

In practice: whatever activity I do, be it exercise, or yard work, or walking, or hiking, both knees are involved more or less to the same extent. And when the TKR knee, and only that one, each time has aches or pains, and the other one does not, then it is not a question of weak knees in general, it IS the TKR knee that is not as “good” as the original one.

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