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Pain all over

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jan 26, 2020 | Replies (7)

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@patrick17, Hi there Patrick. Yes, I think we have met. I understand some of the Parsonage-Turner syndrome side effects include pain and some do not. I also see you can be relieved of this affliction within time because of our body's own healing devices.

So….you are having pain in your shoulder upon movement or just nerve related? My basic plain vanilla products are medical quality CBD (not from Hemp) and THC high grade. I used to use the Indica strain when that was how you purchased products. I ended up with a Sativa, Indica hybrid for most.

The product I purchase now is not strain specific…..it is a dosage combination of 1:1 CBD/THC. Sometimes to ensure a better sleep I will use a 2:1 CBD/THC at bedtime. I am always learning. I used to make sure I had eaten before using the product. Now, first thing in the morning, I use a dropper of tincture held under the tongue and released through that porous membrane and sent on its way to the brain. In so doing, the product is not sent through the digestive system and can begin to have effect within minutes.

Since your issue is nerve and not muscle-related you probably don't use topicals. Just in case, I use a 3:1 topical balm that lasts about 3 hours.

Any more questions? I will try to find a possible answer.

Be free of suffering. Chris

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Could I get some I’m in Texas

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