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I've become somewhat leery of medications made in such places as Saudi Arabia or India,etc., be they brand name or generic. How long have you been taking each of the medications you mentioned?

I was prescribed Myrbetriq, but Medicare switched it to a generic, then to a second generic, Oxybutinin. The generics seem to be as effective as the brand, Myrbetriq. I don't know where it is made. I'm sure that Medicare has substituted generic meds for me, other than that one, including antidepressants. I usually do as much research as I can when I start a new medication. One of the difficulties with Medicare is that they can control things such as medications and doctors and treatments. The patient pretty much takes what's offered. In my experience, the same is true of private insurance.

When I was first diagnosed with depression I tried a number of antidepressants. I had to give each one six weeks. One made me hungry all the time – I gained ten pounds. Another one made me suicidal at precisely the number of weeks the warning stated. Most of them did nothing, but when I landed on Wellbutrin, right after Effexor, I knew that I'd found the right one. I wonder – is Wellbutrin a brand name or generic? Hmmm. I'll look at the bottle when I take them tonight.

I wish you well, finding the medication that will best treat you.


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@jimhd In fact I cannot see any “major” difference between meds made in USA or KSA. I M not an expert nor am I pharmacist. But there is a problem with some antidepressants when you switch the brand name. I think this is a little complicated concept; even some physicians around me here in KSA are unaware about it. I have been taking Depralex for a year and a half. It is perfect to me. But I am afraid of relapse