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I was told that if it is unusual or uncommon that no one will spend money to research the disorder so their solution is to first put you on CPAP, then send you to a shrink and prescribe drugs.

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@mazeppabob if doctors usually don't know what to do they take the easy route. I was fortunate to have a doctor with initiative and heart. He was respectful of patients emotional needs as well. The youngest crop of doctors have supposedly had sensitivity training and nutritional information. Hoping it's universal. I had over thirty hears of insensitive inconsiderate experiences. In self defense I learned all I could and worked in nursing homes and hospital. It came in handy too many times to count. The funniest time I needed my knowledge was years after I learned how to stop a person from choking in a scout class. My spouse and I were having dinner in a restaurant early in our relationship. A person was obviously choking and panic was the general response. I stood up walked over pushed the panicked ones away and did the usual mouth check then the Hemlick manuvoir left every one to fuss went back to the table and ate my dinner. First aid classes are invaluable.

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