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THR appointment process at Mayo Clinic

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Is there any one or anything I can do if they denied to see me?
Can you explain your decision?

I dont understand, why you can't add further value. It's been 4 years of multiple Drs., tests, and scans, to find out why I can no longer work, shop, go on vacations, and enjoy life. I spend 90% of my life in my bed, and in my home. After having 3 parathyroids removed 2 years ago, my parathyroid hormone is still high, and I continue to have high WBC and high absolute LYMPHOCYTES. 

Now in the last 6 months, when I stand for any length of time, I start shaking. My BP goes down and my heart rate goes up, i sweat and get dizzy and if i try to continue, i will get nauseous and if i dont sit i will vomit. I need someone to help me find out WHY, instead of taking more meds to counter symptoms. WHY cant I live a normal life. I am only 58 yrs old, and my mother at age 81, can out do me in everything.

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On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 6:01 PM, Consultative Medicine

We appreciate the confidence you have expressed in Mayo Clinic and thank you for your recent request.


The Division of General Internal Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota has received your information. Unfortunately, demand for our health care services exceeds our capacity. We have thoroughly reviewed your provided materials to determine if we can add further value or treatment options to your care. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you an appointment at this time. Please know decisions like this are not easy, Mayo Clinic strives to provide the best care possible to all of those in need. We recommend you continue your care locally.

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@lrroscoe, I know how disappointing it is to be denied an appointment, especially when you had hopes to finally find answers to the unknown. General Internal Medicine is a very busy department. Have you considered requesting an appointment with the Endocrinology department. I'm not sure which location you called, but you may consider one of the other Mayo locations if feasible for you. http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Another option is the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a select group of independent health systems that are granted special access to Mayo Clinic's extensive knowledge and world-leading medical expertise. It may be an option to getting Mayo expertise closer to home. https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/care-network/about