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Impressive Sue. You put me in the shade.

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@thumperguy – Everybody has to go at their own pace. I am just giddy right now that the fog that was with me for years while I had a really bad case of (undiagnosed) MAC and then endured the Big 3 for 18 months has started to lift a little. I can now manage to do something every day, and sometimes, like yesterday, I can have a great day. I can already tell you that today will be MUCH slower, probably with a nap thrown in. Do you think I might have overdone?
I am also blessed to spend my winter in a community of compatible and empathetic seniors. We accept each person's abilities and limitations, accommodate them by modifying activities where possible, and planning alternatives that more can do. We also encourage one another through health challenges and other life events. Most days the weather allows us to be outdoors, at least to walk, without struggling with cold and my nemesis, ice. When we return here each fall/winter from out northern homes, it is like a joyful family reunion. My life would be very different, and a lot less rich, if I didn't have this community to support me, and my tiny home (400 sq ft) to live in.

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