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OMG this is my mom in a nutshell! I did finally get her tested and she has HAs in both ears and now refuses to wear them. She’s been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and I know for a fact she’s profoundly depressed – she has an Rx for anti-depressants that she used to take but now won’t do that either. It infuriates me. I deeply love my mom but I feel like she’s actively avoiding helping herself.

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Resistance to wearing aids is so common in older people and may be due to an inability to adapt to change. Finding out why is important as the aids may be uncomfortable or the sound too loud. Resistance to taking medications is also common. People have suggested, especially if you are dealing with someone who has cognitive impairment, to give the medication in a completely calm environment..ie no tv or other distractions. There are also suggestions to not let them see the pill bottles as they get overwhelmed if there are too many. I think a calm environment might be the key so they feel more secure. Lord knows patience is required and can be so difficult on the part of the caregiver.

FL Mary

She is not avoiding helping herself, it just looks that way. Let her know you love her and that you see how scary her world has become for her. She is afraid and the world isn't making sense anymore. I hope she is in a safe situation with loving caregivers who can take the time to coax her into taking the meds and using the HAs. You're such an amazing daughter, you care so deeply. Breathe through the hard moments, celebrate the decent moments and take good care of yourself.