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Don’t know what to do to help my daughter

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Man, I am now convinced the cipro/flagyl combination is what set the stage here. So….how did you find out you had an autoimmune condition? I have abnormal liver enzymes and a "severe" bacterial imbalance according to my functional doctor. I am awaiting the results of the SIBO breath test and todays unltrasound to get a game plan ready. The doc did mentioned a likely course of neomycin, bactrim, and then nystatin. That, along with dietary changes of course. I can relate to you on the fatigue part…..seems like I am walking through cement all day.

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How are abnormal liver enzymes detected ? I've was diagnosed with microscopic lymphotic colitis after a colonoscopy 2 yrs ago. When diarrhea gets really bad, my gastro doc puts me on 8 wks of Budesonide gelcaps. It cuts the D but doesnt cut the Gas. I've learned to eat small meals of very bland foods, no dairy, no sugar. I even cut out veggies because that sends me right to the bathroom. I have extreme gas that goes on for hours whenever I eat anything. My gastro dr just shrugs & tells me again to cut out dairy when he knows I don't do dairy. So I buy off the shelf Beano Ultra 800 tablets …2 at a time before I eat & also take GasX extra strength chewables. Gas subsides for a short time but returns within 1/2 hr in force. I'm so miserable with this problem so become home bound as the gas is embarrassing. I have to eat so not to lose weight as I'm only 118 lbs. I wondered if trying a carnivore diet for a short time of just beef steak meat would help to cut the gas ? I know that sounds ridiculous to do but Dr Oz had a gal on his program this week that helped her autoimmune system. Anyone who has experienced a constant gas problem would understand what I'm going through. So thats why I asked how abnormal liver enzymes are detected in case that could be the problem. My gastro dr hasn't suggested anything I can do to cut the GAS besides cutting dairy which I don't eat or drink !

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