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Hi, @soconfused Welcome to Connect.
I’m not 100% sure, but I think you can have an intolerance for something like dairy but not be allergic to it. I have developed an intolerance for lactose in dairy. I can still eat aged cheese. The lactose drops out during the aging process, it’s actually in the whey. I avoid soy when possible but I don’t think it presents a problem for me.
I use mostly fresh foods so they do not contain soy, and I substitute aged cheese sometimes for non-aged cheese. I haven’t found a substitute for ricotta though. I put provolone on pizza and my husband and I both actually like it more than with mozzarella, it has more flavor. I have found lactose free, real dairy sour cream, yogurt (not Greek) and half and half at Whole Foods. So far meal prep hasn’t been too much of a problem.
I have no idea if your intolerances can be a sign of anything else, but many people do have these intolerances and that’s all they have – nothing more concerning.
Lactose intolerance is a real nuisance, particularly when eating out. I have not gotten any help from lactaid but Digestive Advantage, Dairy Defense does help if I just have a small amount of dairy. I generally keep some with me and take 2 before eating out just in case there’s any dairy in anything I eat. I haven’t found any restaurant that has non-dairy coffee creamer so if I remember I will bring some powered creamer with me.

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I cant have anything dairy, no cheese, no yogurt, no milk, no butter. I take my almond milk or almond butter with me to restaurants.

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