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@1943, sorry to hear about this new diagnosis. Watch and wait can be nerve wracking. I prefer the term active surveillance because it better reflects that something is being done rather than sitting back and waiting. This video explains why in some situations active surveillance is an option for thyroid cancer.
As you read through the discussions in the Thyroid Cancer group, you'll see that members have different types of thyroid cancer and that genetics can sometimes play a role in treatment decisions. @remi @nobody @jessea @bobr @nancirae @sophia07 @littlemsmalibu1 @blulilbaby likely have first-hand experience to share with you.

1943, Did your surgical oncologist explain why active surveillance might be good for you? Might it be because the tumor is small or that you have other health issues that make surgery problematic? What type of thyroid cancer do you have? Are you waiting for more tests?

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My thyroid problem is two fold. Went to 3 different endocryologist to include my local area, then Duke and Wake. All three doctors said the same thing. Must be removed. The biopsy’s were positive for Hurdle Cell.
But first I had to deal with the breast cancer with biopsy’s showing musinious carcinoma
So mastectomy was done July 29, followed by reconstruction bilateral on August 16.
Now it was time for the thyroid surgery.
After surgery November 26 the results from nodules -thyroidectomy showed both Hurdle Cell AND Follicator
I am ER+ and PR+ HER-
All the genetics studies done thus far are conclusive as to environmental exposures
I am not receiving Radiation treatment or Chemotherapeutic treatment. I have a >90 percent radiation in my system from exposure
I go back to Dr on Friday but for now I am doing good according to what other individuals are saying. I walked today for first time since thyroid surgery 2.5 miles. It felt great. The sun was out and a beautiful day.
Before all this my normal day included a 5 mile walk. I kept to the daily walks through breast surgeries. However the thyroid has caused a lot of fatigue. I am blessed to come this far
God bless