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Yes, I plan to provide feedback to the pharmacy; I also have the "hard copy" comment card, The PA actually called to apologize so that was good. Principal diagnosis was Cholangitis Acute ; many other Active problems – obstructive jaundice, malignant neoplasm of pancreas head, diabetes, etc.. Collapsed from Cholangitis and dehydration – we think; Stent was not functioning properly; He is feeling much better today at home; He will need to follow-up with primary care Dr on the 27th and then meet with Oncologist; he is nervous about the chemo and potential side effects so we hope to learn more from that visit.

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@minimia – I have had the same kind of interaction with the pharmacy. I sat there for two hours after my surgery waiting for correct scripts. I have given feedback. Otherwise, Mayo people are so awesome! I went through chemo, radiation and then, surgery. Dr. Truty does PET scans also. Here are my story and video with inputs from Dr. Truty in the story and the video. Hang in there! One day at a time and stay positive. If you are caregiving, get your own self-care. Hugs, Rita https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2020/02/05/aggressive-approach-to-pancreatic-cancer-yields-outstanding-outcome/

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