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When you get a biopsy ask the doctors to get enough tissue so you can have genomic testing or molecular profiling done. It's called so many different things it seems. I'm so disappointed I didn't know about this sooner. No one told me. This is very important to find out.

Talk to organizations like PanCan and Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. They are a wealth of information. Be prepared to look at different clinical trials right away. Don't wait until they have finished their standard treatment.

There are many meds out there that are being re-purposed for pancreas cancer. Some are synthetic Vitamin D and HCQ (don't remember full name) but it's used to typically treat malaria. These drugs are being researched to determine if they might help improve the efficacy of chemo. The D and HCQ help break down cell walls to make chemo more effective. That's just me trying to explain it in layman terms.

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@marciakaye, based on your post, I looked into genetic testing and pancreatic cancer and found this article from Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
– New Study Encourages Genetic Testing for All Pancreatic Cancer Patients, Regardless of Family History https://www.pancan.org/news/new-study-encourages-genetic-testing-for-all-pancreatic-cancer-patients-regardless-of-family-history/

How might genetic testing have changed the treatment options for you? What do you wish you had known?

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