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Welcome to Connect @terkur.
While I did not find anything directly referring to Fanapt, I’d like to offer this information from the American College of Cardiology – https://www.cardiosmart.org/Healthwise/d074/41/d07441

I’m tagging a few members and Mentors who are active in the Heart discussions – @hopeful33250 @thankful @predictable @anniegk @ellamster @bobbecker – and @lisalucier who is the moderator for the Mental Health groups on Connect.

I also encourage you to view this discussion, "Link between Seroquel and Heart Problems?” https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/link-between-seroquel-and-heart-problems/ where you will meet @majic @tib85 @pianista @heartpolar and other members; I hope they will be able to shed more light on your question.

@terkur, you mentioned, you were prescribed Fanapt by ”a psychiatrist” for non-schizophrenic minor reasons after a triple bypass – are you able to share a bit more? A bypass is a major procedure; did the doctor perhaps recommend Fanapt for anxiety?

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the fanapt was prescribed maybe about 2 years after the bybass in 2010. For basicly if anything , anxiety 1mg per day . Was told it was not for schitzophrenia "but to take the edge off" and it can be prescrebed for other things.But i never knew till now on my own about all the bad things about it that are actually what the reports show till now when i researched finding it matched what now is my problem and sugester d defibulator. The presriber kept on saying its ok to take and even now with a recent ef 33 and Qt in the 170 and turning out hes a bad situation.

no it was a psychiatrist a couple years later for my worrying not schitzophrenia and unfortunatly has been incorrectly been tagging me

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