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My gut hurts

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So far the report is not bad at all. Z line is where the lining of esophagus and stomach meet. Inside of stomach reddish but no bleeding ulcers. Duodenum normal. You probably will get the biopsy results soon.

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Ok thank you.. But does that also mean that I hv no answer or reason why I’m having trouble swollen plus acid?
Can that cause your stomach to be painful or tender? I can’t stand to wear anything tight around my stomach or bend over it hurts my stomach..
But I do also have IBS..

Hello, I told you all the test I had done and the report that I’ve got so far…all the doctor has said so far is to keep taking the same acid medication that I’ve been taking for 12yrs..
Question: if that medicine was working why am I hvin so much trouble? Any ideas?on what I need to do?
I’m having trouble breathing (asthma)? But the asthma medicine doesn’t help my breathing..it makes the acid worse..I’m so lost!!!everything I read sounds like that’s the answer to what I have but it doesn’t give me the answer to a solution… maybe it’s (eosinophils asthma)🤷‍♀️
If you treat one it makes the other one act up..
Like I said I’m lost… I can’t seem to get the doctors on the same page… working together..
In the mean time life is passing me by..
I’ve been this way since August not enough air to walk across the room,no energy, muscle spams, fatigue, dry cough.. hard to swallow, acid bad taste, feels like I have something stuck in my throat…but when I go to doctor my oxygen level is good so they don’t take me serious…
Any suggestions?? Or ideas?
I would truly appreciate it