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My gut hurts

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Hi,this doesn’t mean a lot to me yet…but this is what doctors notes say EGD with biopsy’s..
The z-line is irregular and was found 39 cm from the incisors..biopsy were taken..A 1 cm hiatal hernia was present…Clear fluid was found in the gastric fungus and in the gastric body..suctioned..diffuse moderately erythematous mucosa without bleeding was found in the entire examined stomach…biopsy were taken …the cardia and gastric fundus was normal.. the examined duodenum was normal
Doesn’t mean a lot to me

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Can anyone tell me what any of this means??
If anything…or am I still stuck not knowing what is going on with me??
The doctor prescribed the same medication that I’ve been on for about 10yrs..
If it was working I wouldn’t be in this kind of pain or the esophagus wouldn’t be inflamed..
So I don’t think I’ve got the right answer to my problem..
But he did say something about doing a emptying test.
Plus I have IBS… it controls my life for the most part… any suggestions? Or ideas?