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Transplant Caregiver Advice: Got Tips to Share?

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Thanks for all the tips so far! My husband is tentatively scheduled to have a living liver donor transplant on Aug 3. Our daughter just turned 2 and I am due with our second child on Sept 7. We have a great support system of family, friends, and church, but I will be his primary caregiver. Any advice or tips for our situation?

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Hi! I will be thinking of you all, and congratulations to your family! Sounds like multiple gifts will be arriving close together. I am so happy to hear you have an extended caregiver system in place. I was/am my husbands caregiver, our daughter was his living kidney donor. Sleep as often as you can, let someone do laundry, change bedding, clean bathrooms, and shop. If you feel able, YOU be in charge of his meds. That way, you will be sure he receives the correct doses at the correct times. I found this to be my biggest accomplishment, that and knowing he was hydrated and as comfortable as possible in the beginning. ( June 2 was our Bean Day!) and know that while there may be ripples in the road, every day will be a tiny bit better than the day before. I found I could not “see” improvement every day, but I sure can week to week! And most importantly, know how much you are appreciated. Best wishes.

@saratodd Well, I sure don’t know much about transplants, but I do have some tips about children and new events. My son was 3 and we moved from 1 state to another (my husband was in the army) and I was 9 months pregnant. We had to unpack our belongings and set up the house and make sure the 3 yr old wasn’t forgotten. The one thing we did was to buy a toy that the new baby could give to his older brother. This helped him feel important and not forgotten during this crazy time. (Both boys remember this 46 years later)
Your 2 yr old may act out unless she can be a part of everything that happens. Think of fun ways she can help. Maybe a friend can concentrate just on your daughter while you rest. I’ll think of some more . What an exciting time!!

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