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I am currently on a watch and wait protocol for the inconclusive spot that is 8.9 mm. I live in Charlotte and am headed to Duke next week bc it is close to us and heard one of the best although I am scared surgeon will want to operate right away . Thinking I will want to have a 3rd opinion appt lined up . Which Mayo Clinic did you call regarding possible glioma( they still don’t know what my spot is) and was it easy to get an appointment. Duke was surprisingly very easy and just involved fed ex mri to them .

Did you also consider Johns Hopkins ? Just curious what i should set up. I know the guy I am seeing. At Duke is one of the best but seems like he takes out right away so no sure I will be ready to make a major decision like brain surgery so quickly .

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I will be at Mayo in Rochester, MN. It is 2 hours from our home. His name is Dr. Fred Meyer. He was recommended by several other doctors. My oncologist, from my home town, made the referral. It took about 2 weeks to get in. Does your doctor in Charlotte want to operate? The one thing I have heard is to make sure you go somewhere where they work on a lot of brain tumors. When Dr. Meyer suggested surgery, though still giving me the option of watch and wait, I felt there was something in his experience that told him it is the right thing to do. This doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous, but I think it is the right decision. Take care.

Hi, @ashley5423 – wondering if you have had your Duke appointment yet? If so, what did the doctor there say? Are you still considering getting more opinions?