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Thanks Ginger for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
I often feel that my long posts turn people off here and elsewhere.
Moreover, if one thinks about it isn’t it a little like 10 or 15 minute doctor appointments; like shorthand examinations. Think of your favorite book available in shorthand Gone With The Wind might have a secondary, metaphorical meaning.
I would like to present my theory on the The Rise of Attention Deficit Disorder. It seemed obvious to me that there is a cause and reason for the number of kids that compared to other generations seems to be epidemic.

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@stuckonu I think the rise of ADD is primarily due to it being recognized now. When my son was a toddler he was very active, impulsive, and often inattentive. When I started reading up on this I realized that I had ADHD! When I was a student I was labeled as lazy and as being an “underachiever” because my IQ and other aptitude tests showed intelligence far beyond my performance. I struggled a lot. Large lecture halls in college put me to sleep, literally, so I made sure my son and daughter, who also has ADD went to smaller colleges where classes would be more interactive. I became pretty knowledgeable about both forms of ADD. Neither my son or daughter were medicated. My son’s grades suffered tremendously but he has excelled in life. My daughter’s grades also suffered but not as severely. She is extremely bright and taught herself compensatory methods when studying. She still drifts off, typical of female ADD and that has caused her to lose many things over time.
Both of them are fairly classic.