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I find your insight refreshing as I have the same attitude toward doctors. It is the main problem of the U.S. healthcare system. I have referred to doctors as the 15 minute wonders. They give you 15 minutes and leave you wondering why the hell you went to see them. The reality is you could probably find out more about your medical problems by going to the internet. At the very least, you are going to spend more than 15 minutes on yourself. I have my own experiences dealing with a lot of doctors over the last 34 years. Educated dumb asses. I saw at least 20 doctors and nearly died from a pain medication that I was prescribed for nerve damage that was caused by a surgeon, before I decided to look into this problem myself. It took me 30 minutes to find an answer. It was that pain killer I was reacting to. I am not a doctor but it seems neither were these people I was seeing for medical help. It seems too many people rely on this healthcare system and to me it is just too broken.

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I have a few thoughts but number one is how your words:” I’m not a doctor “ are words that I found myself say a lot of late; so much so that now I’ve added : “ I know I say this a lot: ‘ I’m not a doctor but….’ “ I call that “ Noticing what I notice “
Honestly I love that saying but in the vein of Noticing what you NOTICE “ results in the people I say that to taking offense at it which makes me wonder what they are noticing by hearing me say that to them. And for the record I’ve said those words to several doctors over the last few years and immediately they show an attitude. Why not ask me “ what do you mean by that?” But that opens up space for a dialogue which is not what they want. In fact I also noticed that many doctors now answer questions like politicians do which is to say they don’t answer your question.
Maybe the one exception to this observation is when it comes to delivering bad news which ironically they seem to do easily devoid of any emotion. Just my humble opinion and observation.