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TY Ginger for answering, I’ve really been struggling with anger directed at the doctors to the point of saying exactly what’s on my mind which they are not used to nor thrilled about to hear. Maybe this ironically shows that they are like most people who do not like feedback that is critical in someway about things that they do. ( I’m writing a performance art piece with this perception/opinion as the subject )
As far as your question goes the answer is probably not for a couple of reasons. 1 most of my appointments are often late so fasting til 2 pm for instance takes more will power than I can muster especially since many days I’m running on 1 hour of sleep per night. < on one hour sleep and I have boundless energy until I hit the wall and then I immediately look for a place to crash; not good when driving >
I do not know if this is part of the parathyroid hormone number ( high in all three blood tests over a one month period of time ) because none of the doctors know for sure and although they don’t say :” I don’t know the answer to that question ) it’s one of those “ streetwise “ things that suggests that he’s just covering his butt so he doesn’t wind up with egg on his face. { not sure if anyone picked up on the mixed metaphors which suggests that their butt and face are one and the same thing] ( sorry if that offends anyone ) maybe you can guess what I say to their face ( butt ). They see you but don’t admit that they don’t know anything about what you’re going through. ( someone here must have recognized in these epic posts that maybe it was Hyperparathyroidism I haven’t figured out who exactly that was but I would like to talk with someone who knows for sure. Calls to Mayo and specially the Endocrinology dept to ask about the fasting before the blood test results in the same response : “ we do not discuss medical questions and get a referral to be seen by us” this is why I asked if any doctors or medical specialists participate here. I will check out the link you gave to me in your reply.
Something I noticed over the last year or so which is about the time that based on what I read in the Mayo publication that this hyperparathyroid thing started effecting major changes in my daily life; I noticed one doctor who was seeing me on a follow up reaching for the door handle after reading what the nurse wrote on the notes he read before coming in the room. I told the nurse that the pain level for the reason I was seeing this “ specialist “ for a strange pain I was getting in my hip was ZERO I thought about lying figuring that the truth might suggest that his RX for two drugs ( Meloxican and Percocet ) did the trick so I was fixed. He was not thrilled that I had more questions and literally had his hand on the door the whole time he was in the room with me. Since then I actually found out that many doctors are given a specific period of time for their appointment. In the case of the ENT doctor his appointments are 10 or 20 minutes. Do you think the patients are informed that they have 10 minutes and the doctor will “ wrap up “ as quickly as possible. Turned out that the same day I saw doctor “ hand on the door nob “ the pain returned as an 8. His office stated that I needed to start over because my case was closed so they would not write anymore scripts. Health care has become a racket. How can anyone involved in this profession defend their methods, rules, and practices?
I’m sorry that I go on like this in my stream of consciousness style of writing but that’s my style of ART that I do. I think I mentioned somewhere that ART IS my avocation and was fortunate enough to be in places that appreciated the avant-garde so I “made a living “ That said I’m aware that most HB’s consider my writing and other ART projects like a run~on~sentence. All is good however knowing that everyone likes what they like so that’s that so to speak. For those here who respond I want to thank you for foraging through my dumpster. < VBG >

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@stuckonu I had a very good nephrologist leave a group practice because he was allotted only 15 minutes per patient, including data input. His thought [and I agreed] was that was not enough time. He was educated in a way that left no room for hurry-up-and-get to-the-next one. There are practices these days who use a scribe to do computer entry alongside the dr, enabling the dr to do their job. My current kidney dr uses an in-person scribe, while my cancer dr uses a voice activated software that records everything, then it is transcribed. Regardless, I use the internet to assist me in getting information, as needed. I don't expect my team to have all the answers, as my case is different than the next person, and I am the only one who has gone through my exact situation.

@stuckonu @goldleaf @gingerw You are getting to my biggest peeve about our healthcare system these days. Doctors no longer have private practices, they are hospital employees and have to abide by the hospital's requirements, making office visits very impersonal often, and then, if you get sick enough to be hospitalized, they are hands-off. When you would most want to have your own doctor there, the doctor with whom you have hopefully developed a rapport, you are treated by a bunch of strangers – hospitalists. I really hate the current system. So far, I have not had many doctors really rush through appointments as much as you are indicating, but there have been times when I would have liked a tad more time.
@goldleaf your experience is very unfortunate but I think most doctors are pretty intelligent. Granted, they sometimes do not diagnose as well as we would like which is why I now favor going to a major medical center. I find them to be much better about that. One doctor whom I recently saw for the first time about my osteoporosis has been extremely responsive to messages on the portal. She has been helpful and informative. My husband feels female doctors are better with the details. He may be right.