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Rescue Meds Available for Seizures?

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Hi there,
Although some people do I refuse to take Benzodiazepines except in an emergency situation like Cluster Seizures or Status Epilepticus.
Generally rescue meds are Benzodiazepines. Some can be swallowed, not very practical during an emergency seizure situation, rectal gel, sublingual (Under the tongue,) buccal (between gum & cheek,) injection & IV & nasal spray.
Some rescue meds include Diastat (Valium)/Diazapam, Ativan/Lorazepam, Versed/Midazolam & Clonazepam/Klonopin. The VNS (Vagus nerve stimulator could also be considered a rescue device since the person or family member could swipe the magnet over the generator to hopefully stop the seizure.
Have you ever been in Convulsive or Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus or experienced Cluster/Serial Seizures.
As far as the best is concerned the one that works for you. I’d think one of the nasal sprays just because of the ease of use, not that any form of medication is easy to give to a seizing person. I know a man who tried to give his son a sublingual tablet and got his fingers chomped on. Last time he tried that.
Best of luck to you.,

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@jakedduck1 Thankfully I have not been in status epilepticus. I think I have experienced cluster seizures. I had over 20 petit mals within an hour. I haven't had any clusters with the grand mals though. Since I started taking the lorazepam I haven't had any petit mals unless I wait too long to take one. I usually take one every 6 hours. However last night was different. My husband said I started shaking like I was having a seizure and he couldn't wake me up for a minute or two. He said it wasn't as violent as a grand mal but it was definitely a seizure. I feel groggy and weak and my whole body hurts today. I have some sores on my tongue but they're not bad. To my knowledge I have not had any nocturnal seizures. Would this be considered one since I was sleeping? I keep getting more and more scared as time goes on and these new things keep happening to me. Thanks for your help 💜

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