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Ablation do I need it?

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This is an area i lived thru for about 9 years my problems started with a virus that caused my heart to get larger due to fluids i the sac around the heart and lungs. This caused my heart to get weaker and i had a pacemaker put in as a precaution. Well it was 5 years later that the pacemaker had to save my life when i had my first VT episode that it had to shock me back in rythim. Also during this period i was also on Amiodrone. Well i also had an ablation and it did improve things but my doctor suggested a second one a year later. Well that second one was very successful and i lived a pretty normal life until 2015. I took some bad advice for a new doctor and had a third. (My prior doctor had moved out of state) well that was a mistake i think but also i may have not helped my situation since i think drinking more than recommend may have damaged my heart more. So after 2015 things got progressively worse and the Aminodrone became toxic to me so i ended up with a heart transplant in Jan 2018. So my advice is yes second opinions are a great idea, Ablations do work well but also i recommend no drinking at all and i also quit smoking back in 2011. And drinking i quit in 2015. But damage was already done. Plus also if it ever gets to a point of transplant which is very unlikely you will have to quit both if you do them, in order to get a transplant . Please ask any questions you may have.

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Did you have it done at Mayo?

Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I'm so sorry about your situation, hope you're doing well and healing. I don't smoke or drink but have diabetes. Still haven't gone for EP study, have to make an appointment. Did you have a defibrillator and pacemaker?
You said it shocked you back into rhythm which sounds like a defibrillator. Nowadays I think they're combined. I have been very very concerned (scared of death) about being on the Amiodarone, it frightens me and I have been on it for a year. I saw it has a black box warning and people warn against using it, that it is very toxic. I thought I would be taken off of it but then I was afraid to, that my heart would be out of rhythm and have vt or something.