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Fibromyalgia – Issues with sleeping

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@penni3356 Welcome to Mayo Connect! We are a very diverse group of people – fellow patients, family members and caregivers, who share our experiences and offer support to fellow travelers on this journey. We are not medical professionals, and cannot diagnose ailments. That said, I was diagnosed fibromyalgia about 8 years ago. It's a wicked disorder, isn't it? There are so many things that can trigger symptoms or affect us differently at various times. Facing an unsatisfactory night of sleeping would make me want to stay up, hoping I'll get so tired I will sleep without interruption! Is the ache you experience coming after exercise or something you don't normally do? Have you tried massaging your thigh before, to relax the muscles, or using no-odor capsacin-type cream? Sometimes I will use mental imaging, relaxing my muscle groups and that helps. Would a warm shower or bath help you out? Are there any other health issues that might be affecting your sleep? We're here to help you, and would like to hear more.

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Dear Lord, I feel your painIf anyone can help Fibro people with sleep disorders without nasty side effects, they would become millionaires. I have been through several good sleeping pills that would allow me to sleep through the pain, but they cannot be used for long periods of time without affecting my organs. I am down to using unisom and it does not really help. I NEED to find something and quick. This lack of sleep is so terrible. I have chronic fatigue for over 5 years now because I do not get restful sleep.