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Turbocharging the body's healing efforts

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Dec 8, 2019 | Replies (17)

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@thumpeprguy Don, I totally disagree with you that this has nothing to do with Bronchiectasis and MAC because I believe what you're saying about your diet, no oils, COULD lead to helping us all out with this disease. I also follow the doctors you follow plus Dr. Furhman, Dr. Greger, Dr. Hyman….Dr. Furhman reverses diabetes and heart disease all the time with his patients and he believes in no oils. If you notice you NEVER hear of reversing lung disease and I truly believe it's because it really hasn't been tested with these ways of eating and we're just not there yet. I mean look at Dr. Terry Wahls who reversed her MS with her diet. (I don't know that it totally reversed but she sent it into remission) And my closest friend, who is a doctor and has an autoimmune disease (Excema) and had been given steroids for TWENTY years by DOCTORS went on the Terry Walh's diet recently after going to a functional medicine doctor (she apparently has three diets, one being stricter than the others) and she says her excema is almost 95% BETTER! Think about that. FOOD. It was food that was the medicine. So I'm a huge supporter of what you say. I so want to try that diet just to see what would happen but it's ALOT of vegetables…six cups a day. My problem is the sweet tooth. I just can't give up chocolate or any variation thereof. And look at Daniel Pecaut. He did it. I've tried a lot of the things he did. No complete success yet but I'm not giving up. I believe that all you're writing is very helpful. You're a smart guy. You will not become a persona non grata on this discussion board in my eyes. It only helps people become healthier. Nan

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@nannette I am with you with the sweet tooth!. However I did Daniel Pecauts diet for 6 months and I never felt better but then Xmas came and I was straight on the sweets again. Will try again soon.

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