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Hello I’m curious about the vocal paralysis, the ents have looked at my vocal cords with a scope but they looked at them when I could only whisper at the time, and whispering was very natural for me and didn’t put a strain on my voice like now after I’ve gotten some portion of my voice back but have to strain it for it come out. I wonder if the results will differ if I go back and speak with my forced voice, will they? And speaking of breathing problems, I do have some breathing problems, occasionally I have these episodes where i can’t breathe and feel my chest tightening so I have an inhaler to help me with those times. But I have done a chest x ray, ct scan and mri so I would think that any breathing problems would be prevalent in one of those scans. Thank you once again and yes hopefully I will be posting to update this situation as well as reading other posts.

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Have your breathing problems been checked by a pulmonologist, @maxine321369? If not, I would urge you to get a referral. Without the proper amount of breath, you cannot talk well.

@maxine321369 Breathing problems would best be diagnosed with a pulmonary function test.
Have you had one of those? Here is a link to some information from Mayo Clinic about pulmonary medicine,
Here is a video showing what the test looks like when it is performed,