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What makes something better?

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Well JK it was called benign two years ago. What seemed odd to me was over that two year period of time every doctors visit was a deja vu with them feeling my throat and telling me that my glands were swollen and hard but not doing anything about it. Meanwhile my voice was changing and swallowing was painful and hard. Now I choke most of the time and now it feels like I’m swallowing blood. But during that last visit he gave me his dissertation about Vit D being a bunch of hooy . He refers me to ENT and like ground hog day I can tell you exactly what they will do for the third time. Looking at why I have no voice they will numb my nose and throat, stick a camera in my throat see nothing wrong with my vocal cords, voice box, larynx and declare that it’s GURD , rx Prilosec collect their money and not even say good bye. It’s not what they think it is but this is the process. Worst of all they read my records, read what the last doctor told me and figure he was right and I didn’t follow orders. How many times does this happen to us all. Those damn electronic records are a curse and not a blessing but the doctors have their heads to far up their own egos that they can’t see the Forrest through the trees

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@stuckonu It is very aggravating for doctors to rely on what a previous doctor has said. A new doctor should look at things with fresh eyes. I too have been through that. I had symptoms that were diagnosed as various conditions and then when things got worse the PCP I had just changed to relied on what previous doctors had said so I did not have a diagnosis for quite a while. He actually told me he was relying on what other doctors had said! I was sent to a neurologist and it was he who said he thought it was my liver. God bless him, he's a fabulous doctor. I actually felt bad that I had no reason to go to him anymore!

Are the doctors you are seeing at the same medical facility? I think that very few doctors will indicate that a doctor in the same facility was wrong. If you can, go someplace else. Is that possible for you? I know you have mentioned the VA. I know nothing about that, are you allowed to go to other places and have it paid for?

I can feel your frustration. This is simply not right.

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