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MAC Reboot - After 3 Years Post Meds

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 17, 2020 | Replies (47)

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Terri, Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I am new to MAC and this forum and the information has helped tremendously. I just recently received my diagnosis but am presently on no meds. I feel I am doing pretty well. I just received a percussion vest and nebulize twice daily. I have a complication of colitis so am very nervous about taking any antibiotics. I have a follow up appointment with my pulmonologist this Monday and have many questions after seeing all the precautions that everyone takes. My doctor did not cover anything like the gardening, hot tubs etc. It seems logical to me that this is a disease that could easily reoccur since as you said the circumstance to get it has not changed. Your information is always helpful. THank you for that.

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@gj53, Hi there! I am finally over my turkey coma. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We spent ours with friends as we have no family in the area. I am not surprised that your dr didn't give you precautions to take with this infection. (do you also have bronchiectasis?) None of my drs ever did, including my wonderful doc at Mayo. They usually just diagnose and treat. That is why this site is so vital to us. I am surprised that you were put on a percussion vest as you are not ill enough to be on a treatment plan. Did they do that as a preventative measure? Will you report back to me after your appt on Monday? I hope that visit goes well for you.

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