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MAC Reboot - After 3 Years Post Meds

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 17, 2020 | Replies (47)

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@bluesplashgirl Hi Carolyn. So glad that you found our group; we really do help each other get through this disease. I am sorry to hear that your mac has returned. It is common for mac to return because the reason you got it in the first place hasn't changed. Most of the time the reason is having bronchiectasis, low immune system, immunodeficiency, CF, etc. Mac is usually a secondary condition brought on by a chronic primary condition. If you click on my picture icon,; my maintenance drug regimen should come up for you to read. Right now, I am on alternating monthly meds of tobramycin and ciprofloxacin. I have been on these since 2016. I know that if I go off of them for a length of time, mac or pseudomonas will probably come back. I have been doing very well in the last three yrs. My weight came back, energy improved mostly, no more coughing, and my appetite has been back. I live a lot more carefully now too. I do not get into pools or hot tubs, stay out of the stores in the winter for the most part, wash my hands a lot, avoid sick people, and I do not work in the garden soil anymore. Thank you for sharing your photo with your horse. Did you know that horses can get mac also?

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Teri, Do you do anything explicitly to counteract the negative impact of antibiotics on your gut microbiota?

Hi Terri, I have COPD and also have scarring in my lungs. I am still waiting to see my infectious disease doctor (it’s the end of year craziness with trying to get an appointment). I will talk to her about maintenance after I am finished with the antibiotics in 18 months. I really never thought I would be back in this place again. I am fairly certain I got MAC from the horse barn that I was boarding at. Super dirty, dusty and moldy! I also had aspergillus pneumonia (still waiting to see if I have that back, too) and one of the horse had an “infection” in it’s eye they couldn’t get rid of until they finally diagnosed it as aspergillus! So, now that Dylan is gone and I have stopped riding I am hoping that after my next round of drugs and lots of precautions with gardening, etc. it will stay gone! Thanks for all your great information. What a relief to have this group. I hope you are well and happy. Carolyn

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