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Working with Neuropathy?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Dec 17, 2019 | Replies (17)

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Good morning @iceblue. Thank you for sharing your current health status. You have dealt with some pretty heavy challenges recently with your brother's passing and your mother's need for care. Do you think that those two stressors have had an effect on your increasing pain? Did you share them with your doctor?

Have you considered adding an anxiety medication like Cymbalta in the morning? I found that really helpful when my life partner was going through 7 weeks of radiation and then I flew home for the close on my mountain home of 20 years and emotional farewells to my village.

You introduced me to something, DTD. I think my friend Mikki has that….she can never find the way to her hairdresser and lives in a shrinking physical world. It does seem like more of our issues now have a clinical name and are treatable. The medical world is certainly changing.

Would you please share with me when you take the Gabapentin. A dose of 300 mg is about the minimum you can take. In my case, I have a reaction to that medication during the daytime. I increased my dose from 900 mg to 1200 mg at about 8:30 pm after the move. It reduces the SFN tingles and needles in my hands and helps with sleep. During the daytime, I prefer medical cannabis to manage the SFN symptoms. Are you using any topicals for your feet?

It is just great that you continue your exercise program. Do you start your day with a hot shower? That can feel very good. Check in with me…… I am right here.

May you be free of suffering. Chris

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Thank you Chris! Actually – the pain in my feet is somewhat reduced since coming home from my Mother's – but it is still bad. From my involvement with this group I knew that 300 mg was a very low dose, but I was not going to question why it was taking so little to eliminate the pain – I was just going with it 🙂

My medical situation is in flux right now. I'm kind of between doctors – and will actually have TWO for a week as I say good-bye to one and hello to a new one. One way or the other though, I will speak to them about how to manage the pain, and I suspect increasing Gabapentin will be the way to go.

I am not feeling a need to manage my anxiety now that I am away from my mother. I am, of course, still grieving the loss of my brother – but that can happen in a healthier way now. Emotionally, I am stable except for moments of grief when memories sneak up on me.

As for the DTD – I cannot tell you what a relief it was to finally stumble on the website (gettinglost.ca). I have been an active member of the research being conducted at the University of Calgary. On top of the online tests that are available, I spent an hour in an fMRI and another hour undergoing neurological tests. My sister has also been involved, and we are documented in one of their (published) papers on genetic linkages in DTD. And yes – I used to get lost in the schools I attended or buildings I worked in, and have always had to take the same routes to places I frequent such as school, work, shopping, or friend's homes. It's a condition that can result in a very small life. The online world made many thing available to me that others take for granted – such as socialize and education 🙂

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