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Scott, Volunteer Mentor (@IndianaScott)

The (not so) Hidden Costs of Caregiving

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Spot on, @rmftucker I cannot count all the hours and hours and hours and hours and…. (you get the idea) I had to spend, I'd say waste, fighting denials of insurance, arguing with pharmacists who disagreed with my wife's physician over her care and medication regimens, and writing letters asking for a reviews of the insurance company's decisions!

It took me awhile before I finally came to peace with the fact 99% of my insurance submissions would be denied the first time around!

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I’ve followed you since my husband was diagnosed with dementia in 2011 and have been amazed by your dedication and kindness to our community of caregivers. I imagine there will be a special place in heaven for you sponsored by all the people you have helped and given aid and comfort to. I wrote earlier this morning on the difficulty I was having finding a care facility for my husband of almost 50 years. I don’t have to say what a heart-breaking and gut-wrenching feeling this is. My question is has anyone heard of Senior Services of America and what can you tell me about the quality of their care. I’m particularly interested in The Lodge at Mallard’s Landing in Gig Harbor Washington. Can anyone help??

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