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Having a bad day

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@lioness Oh, wow – your painting! I always wished that I could paint. Did you take lessons or were you self taught? What was your inspiration for the piggy bank?
Well, it stopped raining here – maybe it will be a beautiful, clear day tomorrow for football! Who is your team? Mine is Carolina Panthers (since I live in NC). Bad year for them-I hate that they fired their great coach. He could have brought them back this year. The last I heard he was going to be interviewed for the Wash Redskins job.
I wish the games tomorrow were at 1 and 4 instead of 4 and 8. 8 o’clock games just run too late for me!
Have a good sleep!…Karen

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@karen00 The piggy bank has a picture of a whimisical horse like a unicorn in the clouds . It is made of plaster material and she wanted me to paint it for her . Its dk. blue clouds, pink horse with purple mane the rainbow colors in shrining it Since I'm from Pa the Steelers but they didn't do to good this year altho with so many injuries they did better then I thought . I live in Calif. now so still the Steelers are my team . I like all teams except the Patriots lol Have a good night sleep to you and good day . Go Buffalo

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