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Having a bad day

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jan 6, 2020 | Replies (25)

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@karen00 I know how you feel.. it’s a cold chilly day in london and my fibromyalgia is flaring plus I have osteoporosis.. bad days tend to be more these days and I find myself spending most of the time in bed unable to move! It’s so easy to give up it’s so easy to give in to the pain..but then I remember how good it feels when the pain fades and how I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things in life and the beauty around me..yesterday as I was watching the fund raiser for Children In Need and I saw the courageous children overcoming their challenges I couldn’t but feel thankful and grateful for all the amazing years that I enjoyed before illness entered my life..and I felt the empowerment to overcome the pain for I know the pleasure I’ll have from those painless days hours or minutes… the power of the mind is in us finding the light, that moment of peace and happiness that empowers us and filled us with joy.. and today is my the first time I can share this with someone that understands where I’m coming from and that puts a smile on my face 😊 I hope you feel better and please know I’ll always be here to listen and support you

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@nadoush Hey Nadoush! I appreciate you taking the time to reply! It has been a rough day. You are probably asleep – I think you are 4 hrs ahead of me. I had such a good day yesterday. I actually DID little things around the bedroom. That is where I live. I live With my brother and he has the living room so all my stuff is in my bedroom. Today I search for a reason for my malaise. Can’t find one. I am also bedridden because I don’t have a recliner. Where is your arthritis? Mine hurts most in my knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, back. I had my left shoulder replaced, but it doesn’t feel any better than the right one now. Thank you for listening!….,..,,,Karen

I just read y'all back and forth messages. It reminds me of of me. The whole thing. Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, endometriosis, arthritis, migraines…etc. being surrounded by four walls everyday doesn't help at all. It could put you in a dark place. And I'm only 38. Also surrounded by two people I love the most that makes my pain look like a minor headache. One thing I hold onto is my artwork and going to the gym even though it hurts. I've been going for about a year. At first it was hard hard. But then I realized that being sore everyday felt a whole lot better than the pain everyday. Also it helped me sleep at night. I stopped all my pain meds bc all it did was numb me. So I use pure peppermint oil everywhere and it soaks through the bone and it's better than anything over the counter. All I can say is I hope y'all continue talking to me bc this is the first sight I found people like me. God bless yall 🙏.